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81. Although the math teacher(British English: maths teacher) was very strict withthese students, finally all of them felt thankful for the teacher's patient and careful guide because they got grade A.
虽然数学老师对这些学生很严格,但最终所有这些学生都恨感激他耐 心而仔细的指导因为他们都得了优。

82. The sentences of the story in this thick book are too long for the children tounderstand and in addition , the story is not described in detail .
这本厚重的书中的故事所采用的句子对 孩子们来说太长了以至于他们无法理解。另外,故事本身也表述得不详细。

83. If you spread out and read the world map, it will enable you to know that the land area of the People's Republic of China nearly equals that of the United States of America. 如果你翻 开查阅地图,它会让你知道中华人民共和国的领土几乎等同于美国的领土。

84. Between he and his brother who practices high jump, his brother is taller, but among his college classmates. His height is the greatest.
他和他练跳高的哥哥比,他哥哥比他高,但 在大学同学中,他是最高的。

85. It's very kind of you to fix our computer or it is not likely for us to send the E-mail about recent sales to Paris before 5 o'clock.
你能为我们修好电脑真是太好了,否则对于我们而 言, 5 点前发送有关最近销售情况的电子邮件到巴黎是不可能的。

86. Although the clerk was on duty , he still looked forward to watching tonight's exciting football match. As soon as he heard t cheers, he ran upstairs out of breath to see who kicked the goal.
虽然这名员工在值班, 但他仍然期待看今晚刺激的足球赛。 一旦他听到欢呼声, 就气喘吁吁的跑上楼上去看谁进的球。

87. The population of the city is greater than that of the country while the empty space in the city is not as enough as that in the country.
城市人口比乡下的人口多, 但是城市的闲置空 间不如乡下。

88. She bought her bakery an automatic oven which can process the soft chocolate cakes and cheese cakes.
她为自己的面包店买了台自动化烤箱, 这个烤箱可以加工好生产松软的巧 克力蛋糕和芝士蛋糕。

89. "Is it fair exchange that I offer you the service of a balanced diet and you do some housework such as washing these dishes and bowls or cleaning the kitchen, honey?" the wife made a joke at his lazy husband.
“我为你提供均衡的膳食,你来做些诸如洗碟子和 碗,或者清理厨房的家务不是很公平的交易吗?”妻子对她那慵懒的丈夫开玩笑道。

90. When you are at table , you must obey the following rules : Don't make any sounds when you eat the soup with the spoon and don't speak with others when your mouth is full of food.
当你吃饭时,要遵守以下规矩,用勺子喝汤时不要发出任何声响,以及不要在满 嘴食物时和他人说话。

91. During the high season such as spring and autumn, there is little chance for you to book a double room in this hotel on the island, because it is very close to the seaside.
在春天和秋 天这样的旺季,在岛上的这个酒店订双人房是很难的,因为酒店离海滩很近 。

92. He is always making excuse for being late for work and this has already caused his leader to choose another one to investigate the case.
他老是为上班迟到找借口,导致了他的领导 选了另一个人查这个案子。

93. The careless chief hit her face on the glass gate and a lot of blood from her nose dropped on her skirt so her assistant went to find cotton for her.
这名粗心的领导一脸撞上了玻璃门, 许多鼻血滴在了她的裙子上,因此她的助手去给她找棉花了 。

94. There are a variety of furniture and blankets in the palace and a huge swimming pool behind it in the shape of a heart, the king and the queen used to have a rest on the grass after they swam.
在这个宫殿里又各种各样的家具和地毯,而宫殿之后有个心形的游泳 池,国王和皇后过去在游泳之后会在草地上休息 。

95. In the ordinary course of event , after he has breakfast, he connects to the Internet to read some business news unless he feels ill.
通常,吃完早饭之后,除非他感觉不舒服,他会 上网阅读一些财经新闻。

96. The reason why he is so fat is that he is simply crazy about fruit salad, pizza, Italian noodle, steak and coffee and never tries some vegetables such as carrots and cabbage.
他如此胖的 原因在于他沉迷于水果色拉,披萨, 意大利面,牛排和咖啡而且从不尝试吃些蔬菜, 例如胡萝卜和卷心菜。

97. Since your father has gone to buy some sweet snack , please put the pork in the oven to roast before I am ready for the sauce.
因为你父亲出去买甜点了, 所以请在我准备好酱汁 之前把猪肉放进烤箱烤起来。

98. Scientists are investigating the effects of medicine on human's body, for example, the slow response.

99. When the host looked out from the window, he found there were several holes in a row of wood fence around the new house.
当主人向窗外看时, 他发现新房子四周的一排木制篱 笆上有几个洞。

100. Before you are present at debate , remember to shine the pair of shoes and put on the tidy trousers and never forget to wear a tie that matches your shirt.
在你出席辩论赛之前,记 得要擦亮你的鞋子,穿好整洁的裤子。还有别忘了戴好能搭配你衬衫的领带。

101. The librarian pointed to the man and said she saw him stealing a key to the car from a reader's jacket pocket.
图书管理员指着那个男的,说她看见他从一个读者的夹克口袋里 偷走了车钥匙。

102. To our surprise , this new type of robot is even able to understand the Chinese poems , and then manages to translate them into English accurately .
令我们吃惊的是,这种新型机器 人甚至能够理解中文的诗词,然后将其精确地翻译成英语。

103. If this hardworking student wants to go abroad to go on his study, the foreign university will test his language level before the beginning of the term.
如果这个努力勤奋的学生想出国 深造,外国的大学生将在学期开始前对他的语言水平进行测试。

104. Since the late of the 20 century, more and more Chinese companies have played an active role in the international market and it leads to more and more dialogues and links between China and other countries.
自从 20 世纪后期开始, 越来越多的中国公司在国际市场中扮 演着积极的角色,这也导致中国和其他国家有越来越多的对话和联系。

105. She didn't know why her son was always coughing until she found a pack of cigarette under the jeans while he was taking a bath.
直到她儿子在洗澡, 她发现了牛仔裤下面的一包香烟时,她才知道为什么她的儿子老咳嗽。

106. If you see the steam rising, it means the water in the pot boils and then you can put the dumplings into the pot. 如果你看到水蒸气冒出来了,就意味着水开了,你可以把饺子 放到锅里了。

107. The snow storm suddenly started at 9 p.m. and we had to wear coats and sit together to keep warm because the heating pipe was frozen.
晚上 9 点突然来了暴风雪,我们不得不 穿上大衣,坐下一起取得因为暖气管被冻住了。

108. When she was cycling to the store at the corner of the block, she found his classmates smiling at her and waving. 当她正骑车前往街区角上的商店时,她发现她的同学正朝她 微笑招手。

109. The town is divided into six parts and the post offices usually make sure which part the mail belongs to before it is delivered.

整个城镇分成了 6 个部分, 邮局在寄送给信件前会先弄 清信件属于哪个地区。

110. Even the pupils know that three plus nine equals twelve and twenty minus nine is eleven, but you, a university student, make these two elementary mistakes.
甚至小学生都知道三 加九等于十二,二十减九等于十一,而你,一个大学生却犯了这两个低级错误。

111. The girl cried when she reached the railway station because she missed the last train to the capital.

112. Once you have a back pain, don't hesitate to press the bell beside the bed and the doctor on duty will deal with the situation.
一旦你背疼,立马按床边的铃,值班医生会过来处理情 况的。

113. The terrible marks on this butterfly's wings can prevent other animals from killing itself.

114. This stupid man selected a lot of dear products in the mall and when he saw the bill for these goods, he realized that he had only fifty pounds in his bank card.
这个愚蠢的男人在 商场里挑选了许多昂贵的产品, 而当他看见这些货物账单时, 他意识到他的银行卡里只有 50 英镑。

115. Even in the North Pole , a lot of animals are still being hunted and killed either for pleasure or for business.
甚至在北极, 要么是为了取乐, 要么是为了商业, 许多动物仍在被猎杀。

116. Fables and novels have a lot in common but usually fables include more wisdom so they pass on from generation to generation.
寓言和小说有很多相似之处, 但是通常寓言包括 了更多的智慧所以他们一代一代流传下来。

117. The real root of the word "china" is none but in China because china was created in various colors by wise Chinese.
“陶瓷”这个单词的真正来源就是在中国,因为颜色各异的陶瓷 是由聪明的中国人创造出来的。

118. Through discussion , only a few students correct their mistakes while 70 percent of students are still confused.
通过讨论, 只有一部分学生改正了错误, 而其他的 70% 的学生仍然很 困惑。

119. Though he won the victory of the second round of the race, he went pale and felt tired.
虽 然他赢得了第二轮比赛,但是他脸色苍白,感到十分疲惫。

120. The young man stopped in front of the mirror to put his golden tie straight, had a look at his gold watch and walked downstairs to have a supper with his girlfriend.
这个年轻人在镜子 前整理了一下他的金色领带,看了一眼他的金表,走下楼和他的女朋友共进晚餐。

121. Since we have no ropes at hand , where do you suppose that we ought to hang these spare clothes that we have just washed?
既然我们手上没有绳子,你认为我们应该在哪里挂这 些刚洗好的衣服?

122. Unit Six is on Page 56, and you can find many useful figures about this item.
第六单元在 56 页上,你可以找到关于这个项目的有用的数字。

123. The shower is coming for there are a lot of dark clouds in the sky. So you had better carry an umbrella with you.

124. After he won the indoor bicycle race, he received an award of a computer with 23 inch screen.
在他赢得室内自行车比赛之后,他得到了一台有 23 寸屏幕的电脑作为奖励。

125. What they argued about finally led to fight, so their son had no choice but to beg police for help.

126. He joined in the junior tennis club at the age of 5, and his aim was to be well-known throughout the world as a tennis player.
他 5 岁加入了这个青少年网球俱乐部,他的目 标是成为一名举世闻名的网球运动员。

127. If you hold a plot of ice, the message of cool feeling will be carried from the skin to the brain.

128. To our amusement , this model from Paris has formed a habit of wearing a pair of thin stocking even in winter in order to look attractive .
令我们感到有趣的是, 这个来自巴黎的 模特为了引人注目养成了在冬天穿薄的长袜的习惯。

129. The silly boy thought that if he mixed cream with jam and put it in the fridge for some time, he would get much ice cream.
这个傻男孩认为只要将奶油和果酱混合起来, 放进冰箱一 段时间,他就能得到许多冰激凌了。

130. After such a serious traffic accident , he was still alive because he wore the safety belt.

131. Ocean and sea are different from each other , because the ocean is far away from the land while the sea is close to the land. Hence , to some degree , the Pacific belongs to ocean rather than sea.
洋和海是不一样的,因为洋是远离陆地的地方而海是靠近陆地的地方。 因此,在某种程度上,太平洋是洋而非海。

132. If you want to get the occupation in this advertisement company, sign your name on the straight line.

133. The customer dialed the company's telephone number to know why all these free taps couldn't work at all. 客户拨打了公司的电话,想知道为什么这些免费的水龙头根本无法 使用。

134. After her leader talked with her and told her to repeat the task, she felt very upset .

135. Would you mind shutting the door? I smell something unusual outside the room.
你介意我 关门吗,我在门外闻到一些异味。

136. The chicken farm on the hill is in the distance so it is impossible for you to return on foot before the night.

137. She pushed the door open and hurried inside to find the answers to this quiz .
她推开门, 匆匆跑进去找这次测试的答案。

138. The temperature in summer will be above 38 degrees while in winter it will bebelow the zero.
夏天的气温将会超过 38 度,然而到了冬天,气温就降到零度以下。

139. It is predicted that the number of readers will continue to reduce so the leader decided to stop selling this kind of magazine forever.
预计读者数量将会继续减少,领导决定永远停 止出售这种杂志。

140. Although both juice and coffee are drinks, neither juice nor coffee can take the place of water.

141. The student thought the course is very boring so he began to play some trick onhis desk mate.

142. Every time I passed this way, I walked with a quick step because I was afraid the dog might bite me even though it was lock.
每次我经过这条路,我都加快脚步,因为我恐怕那条狗 可能会要我即使它被锁住了。

143. Both his teachers and parents thought he was very foolish because he couldn'tcount up to ten at an early age .

144. When the danger comes, the male elephants will form a circle and shake their big ears to protect their children.
当危险来临时,雄性大象会形成一个圈,然后摇动他们的大耳朵 来保护他们的孩子。

145. My brown bicycle went wrong at the top of the hill so I had to push it all way down.

146. Though the honest boy was born in Africa, he went to America by ship and wished that he could rely on himself in America.
虽然这个诚实的男孩出生于非洲, 但他坐船来到美国并 希望在美国能自力更生。

147. They still remembered that after dinner, they ever used to play Chinese chess under the street lamp while eating the pears .
他们仍记得以前常常在晚饭过后, 坐在路灯下边下象 棋边吃梨的情景。

148. Although I had read the book several times, I still failed to understand its title .
虽然我已经 把这篇文章读了几遍,但我仍无法理解他的标题。

149. The weather throughout the world becomes more changeable so the scientist decided to adopt new ways to forecast it. 全世界的天气都变化多端, 所以科学家决定采取新的方法 来预报。

150. The river is not only wide but also about eight kilometers in length so you can always see a lot of boats on it.
这条河不仅宽而且有 8000 米长,所以你总能看见许多小船在河上。

151. You will certainly go mad if you continue to work in such a noisy place.
如果你继续在如此 喧嚣的环境中工作,你一定会疯掉的。

152. The net was broken so the wild animal must have escaped from the hole on the net.

153. As the saying goes , "Strike the iron while it is hot." Since you have left the last step of the task, why not finish it tonight?
俗话说, “要趁热打铁。 ”既然你还剩下任务的最后一步, 为什么不在今晚完成它呢?

154. It is generous of you to share the delicious seafood with us and in return we will send you some foreign sweets.
你能和我们分享这些可口的海鲜,真是太慷慨了。作为回报,我 们送你一些海外的糖果。

155. Before she threw these useless files into the litter bin , the secretary took the pins away for the future use.
在把无用的文件扔进废纸箱以前,这位秘书拿走了上面的别针以便以后 使用。

156. It is a pity that all the tickets for the airline from Beijing to Shanghai have beensold out.

157. She was a bit sad when she read the headline of the newspaper. 当她读了报纸的把标题后,有点悲伤。

158. As a top student , you should feel a deep sense of shame for you haven't handed in your homework for several days.

159. The mother had lay the table and hoped that his son would knock at the door as soon as possible.

160. Finally the scientist not only discovered a new disease but also invented new medicine against it.

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